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Apostle Johnson Suleman || Why Marriages Are Crashing.

Apostle Johnson Suleman: Many marriages are crashing not because the people are not spiritual, marriages are crashing because the people are not matured.
“Oh.. I want to marry so I can be happy”… marriage is not “happy”, it is the “married” that are happy.

Marriage is not bad, it is what you take in that makes it bad. An unhappy single will be an unhappy wife. If you don’t create happiness for yourself as a single person.

An unhappy young lady, that meets a happy young man, will infect the happy young man with her unhappiness.
Stop going into a relationship because of the mentality of what you can get(I want to just marry now and leave this house. I will just get a young man who will love and take care of me, my siblings, that will take care of this and that). Even Government can not do all these things..
If you have so much expectation, you will be disappointed.

Enter into marriage with what you are planning to give(I need a young man, that I will pamper. When I finish with him, if he goes to the office, he will rush back. The Way I will love him, if he’s eating, I’m sitting down “are you okay? Do you want more….?)

“I want a young lady, when I’m done with her, she will have her own money. Not that if she want to make her hair and do other things, she will come and call me. No, I will load her.
In the morning, I will give her money.
In the afternoon, I will give her money.
In the evening, I will give her money”.
Do you know why? Women love moneyyyyy

Women likes money, just that the likeness is in grades.
There are some that like it, there are some that likeeeeee it, there are some that likeeeeeeeeeeeee it, there are some that likeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it.

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