Dr Paul Enenche

Dr Paul Enenche — Bad Manager Of Money And Resources

Bad managers of money will lose their money to good good managers of money, and that is the law of life.

Bad managers of resources will always lose their resources to good managers of resources, and that is why legitimately, the rich are getting richer, because they know how to manage their resources, and the poor are getting poorer because they don’t know what to do with their own resources, so they are mismanaging it.

Many tend to run away from those who mismanages it, and it runs to the direction of those who manages it correctly.

Waste will always lead to wants , so if you are a type that always waste money and resources, you will always be wanting money and resources.

Money is always in a hurry to go where there is wastage of it. When money comes into your hand, what will come to your mind is what to eat, what to wear, the car you want to buy, and all the rest of them, and that is what we call mismanagement.

Mismanagement of money most times come through unwise decisions and choices.

If you are a type that is always cheating and scamming people all in the name of making money, you are earning money in a wrong way.

Money doesn’t grow by doing nothing, money tends to multiply when you are making proper use of it and equally investing it.

If you are a type that wants to become rich overnight, you won’t get there, unless you want to do it in an illegal way, so I don’t think that there is a genuine way to become rich overnight.

What differentiate the poor and the rich, is that when the poor get money, they will be thinking of what to buy, but when they rich get money, they will be thinking of what do inorder to multiply it.

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