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Apostle Joshua Selman — How To Maintain Destiny Relationships

Maintaining destiny relationships by Apostle Joshua Selman.

If you want to maintain destiny relationship, you must rise above competitive jealousy. You will never be able to maintain destiny relationship when you are prone to jealousy. and this is not just an issue of spiritualizing it alone, there is a psychological effect attached to it.

It is not unusual to have this struggle around jealousy when you in a atmosphere where you see results and then you are eliminated from it, but my advice to you is “You cannot maintain strategic relationship untill you rise above competitive jealousy”

There are people who cannot be in any circle except they are leaders there, if they cannot lead and cut the shot there, they cannot sit quietly.

Making careless assumption and walking in competitive jealousy will always put you in trouble.

You will see competitive jealousy in business, you will see it in the midst of pastor, you will also see it in church, but it should not be like that, because the sky has no traffic, there is room for everyone.

The second thing to do inorder to maintain relationship is to avoid evil speakings and backbiting. You cannot maintain destiny relationship when you are living in an atmosphere that is perpetually about evil speakings and backbiting.

The reason why nobody wants to come around your life is because you have nothing else to say except to gossip and backbite.

Don’t allow yourself to be a habitation of jealousy and gossip. Life will always be easy when you know how to attract and keep strategic relationships, because strategic relationships are are like investment.

The third thing to do inorder to maintain destiny relationship is to practice forgiveness and tolerance. It is impossible to maintain relationship all through your life time if you cannot practice forgiveness and tolerance.

When you are carrying the luggages of hate and bitterness, you are affecting your own life too, because carrying offences and unforgiveness is like swallowing poison, and expecting another person to die.

The forth thing to do in order to maintain destiny relationship is to be an active contributor to the growth of that relationship, because relationships donot build themselves, they are built by the parties involved.

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