Apostle Johnson Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman — It Is A Wrong Prayer To Be Praying For A Partner

Apostle Johnson Suleman: It Is A Wrong Prayer To Be Praying For A Partner.

Women Communicate Feelings, Men Communicate Fact

Many people are praying for a partner. A wife/husband has not come. Meanwhile the prayer they should be praying is “what am i suppose to be doing for you till my partner comes”. Its a wrong prayer to be praying for a partner, is a right prayer to be asking God what does He want you to be doing. Let your partner meet you in an assignment. Don’t allow your partner meet you while you are waiting. Because when you are waiting, you will accept anything.

The problem with ladies, they always want to pick who to marry. No, that’s the duty of a man. As a Lady, look around and pick from among those who want you.
There is this common question when people meet people, one of the first thing they ask them when they want to go into a relationship is “tell me what you like and tell me what you don’t like”. Don’t do that!
Because when you tell a deceiver what you like and what you don’t like, he will start doing those things that you like.

So, when somebody tells you, “tell me what you like”, tell him “let’s know ourselves, you will know what I like”.
I have never had a quarrel with my wife. The reason I have not lifted my hands on my wife, is not because I don’t get angry. When I got married, I had a lot of things I didn’t know how women are.
Reason(1) I love her too much..
Reason(2) what will God say.

It took me time to understand that women don’t communicate statement, they communicate feelings. Men communicate fact.
Women love process, men love product.
Let me explain.. mama is not a fan of gift. If you give her, she will take. SHE LIKES THE CASH. Now, the truth is this. The reason she like the cash is because she like to help people a lot.
One time, I travelled and I came back with a gift I bought for her. I said “I bought this for you”. She ask “you bought it?” I said “yes”

Normally, people give me gift to give her. She said “did you buy it or they gave you?”. I said “I bought it”.
She said “wait, you entered the shop and you bought it?”, I said “yes”.
She stood up and she hugged me.

There where several gift there. What she value was the process, for the fact that you could think of me and enter a shop.
Now me, if she give me gift, I don’t ask question because I’m after the product.
For instance, a brother and a sister in a choir who are courting to get married and they have a problem. The young man stop taking her calls and the lady start crying… I ask the young man and he said, I have been calling, is like she blocked my number. So I stopped calling her.
So I asked the young lady “What happened?”.
She said “papa, thank you. You know that my girlfriend, the one that we sing together. I was going to her place to go and pick my black skirt, that black skirt is what I normally use for my white top, so that it can match my white top because in the choir on Sunday…” IS THAT PART OF THE INFORMATION?
What is she communicating? Process.
She can be there for one hour because they like process.

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