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Apostle Joshua Selman ||Activating God’s Plan In Your Life

If the plan of God must happen in your life by Apostle Joshua Selman.

It is impossible to shine except or unless you rise according to Isaiah 60:1. The word “Arise” is connected to responsibility, because it tells you that there is a part you have to play in standing up upon your feet.

When you see a man sitting down, and you tell the person to rise up, even if you help the man to stand up, there has to be an effort he made inorder to stand up.

We need to understand that in this kingdom, the possibilities and the result we command is not entirely up to God, and it is not entirely up to you. God desires this kingdom to function in a way and manner that it will always take God almighty in partnership with a willing and obedient man for anything to happen in the life of that man.

Any Christian that makes the outcome of his life absolutely dependent on God with no partnership or contribution on your own part is not a responsible faith practicer.

Whatever that will happen in my life and in your life, will first of all depend on God, the sovereign and Ultimate factor, but it will also depend on a willing and obedient heart.

Many people have not come into a proper understanding of how the kingdom was designed and how it operates, so you will find out that there are many well intentioned believers who are never able to live an Impactful life, who are never ready to do much for God, and the simple reason is because they donot understand that there is a role they have to play in actualizing destiny and manifesting prophesies.

If the plans of God must happen in your life and in my life, there will always be a partnership between the God of heaven and a willing and obedient heart.

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