Dr Paul Enenche


You don’t know people when they are in poverty, Because that is when their bad characters is actually hidden, so it is in prosperity that you get to know who they are.

Most people have an impactation of humility where there is poverty. Tey are very sober and gentle. They are very cool and amiable.

You don’t know people in adversity, if you want to know who they are, give them power, and one of the powers you can give to somebody is the power of money.

A man that doesn’t have money will not have plenty wives in poverty, because poverty cannot allow such a lifestyle, it is when money comes that he will recognize that his wife is getting old, so he will need to marry another wife.

Most people you see that are frequenting church because they have no money, but when money comes, that is when you will know their real church attendance. You can know a true character of a person when he or she has money. That humble man, gentle man will become proud and arrogant, when money comes into his hand.

There is nothing that reveal a person’s character like money. I have made up my mind that no amount of money or position that I will occupy will utter my character, any kind of money, position and influence that can utter my character should not enter my hand.

One of the reasons why God has limited the breakthrough of so many people, is because he knows that their character can be uttered just with that particular breakthrough.

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