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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome — Don’t Get Offended That You Were Punished After You Have Apologised.

Apology and repentance are not the same. The Bible doesn’t talk about apology but repentance. Apology is only an expression of desired repentance. It doesn’t mean you have repented when you apologise.

Secondly, that you have apologise for an error does not mean you must not be punished. Sometimes, the punishment is important for you. So, though you apologise for your error, when you are punished, you should say “I got what I deserved”, because you apologised.

Don’t get offended that you were punished after you have apologised. Sometimes, especially in this country, is one thing I have observed in a lot of people, when they apologise, they think their apology means everything is settled. So, when you punished them after their apology, they get offended.

So, when you ask, “why are you offended? You did something wrong”, they will say but I apologised.
They think their apology is a payment for their wrong. No! That’s horribly wrong.
Apology is no payment for wrong. Sometimes, you say “I take full responsibility for the wrong”. Okay…you take full responsibility for the wrong, that means you are going to pay for it.
If it cost money, you are going to pay it.
If it is for punishment, you are liable..

So, don’t say I apologised. When you apologise, you are only signifying the willingness to repent, it does not mean you should not be punished.

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