Apostle Johnson Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman — Don’t Confront Household Wickedness, Until You Are Matured.

Apostle Johnson Suleman: Some of you need to avoid going home, its not fear. when you know your leg is not strong, don’t go home. Stop having one leg standing and you are going to confront alters, ancient alters!
God told Joseph, “take this child and run”… this is Jesus the son of God.. take this child and run until I bring you words.

Divinity at infancy was vulnerable, it was exposed, it was not protected. He says “go”.
After the child has grown some years, He said “return for they are dead that seek his life”.

Develop your muscles before you start burning down shrines, Develop your muscles before you go to your village to be destroying idols, because satan will always come for you when you come for him but you must be heavily prepared and grown. There are people that got born again under six months they ran mad, because as they got born again they went to their father’s house and confronted the idol.

You discovered after you went back to that place things got tight.
Some of you after December you come back. Must you go home every December? Every December, witches that have forgotten you, you are going to submit yourself(I’m still around ooo)
Powers that have forgotten you, you’re reporting. The devil is not all-knowing…

Have an element of surprise, don’t wait till December, it can be August. Appear, see your mother and father before the news circulate, you have left. It’s not fear, it is wisdom.
Then, you’ll now get to a point where you become a territorial commander, you will even tell the witches that you’re coming home, they should wait for you. At that point you have grown, you can walk to covens and scatter meetings, you can walk to herbalist shrine and destroy it but till that time hide yourself.

This is wisdom He said to Elijah “hide yourself”. When he has spent time with the Lord, He said “show yourself”.
And you just go, you got born again last year o and you now see that they called papa and papa pray pray pray and he said “dig here”, they dug, they brought out charms and you say “Kai…see dimension” and you now went to your father’s house, you say “dig here”, as they were digging, correct slap. What are you digging, is it your house?

There are dimensions you take time to mature into.

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