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How To Fight The Enemy And Win Everytime || TD Jakes

TD Jakes: Many people try to fight the enemy under their own power. It is very difficult to hangout with the enemy for 2weeks and then rebuke him on the 3rd week. It’s difficult to do that because he knows all your weak points, he knows where you are vulnerable and the worse person in the world to fight is one who knows all your weaknesses. So, you don’t want to do hand to hand combat with devil’s you’ve been rubbing on, that you’ve been leaning on, because they know exactly what to offer you to shut you up.

There are somethings you’ve been through, if your life was to flash on the screen right now, there are some scenes you will put up your finger. If I’m going to fight somebody, I will fight somebody who don’t know where to hit me but the problem with the enemy is, he knows where to hit you.

There is something about the enemy, if you don’t smoke, he doesn’t offer you a cigarette. If you are not homosexual, he doesn’t offer you a man because he knows how to fight you.

If you want to win and win all time, simply do not get in the ring. If you get in the ring with the enemy, blow for blow, punch for punch, you’re not ready for the level of warfare you’re going to be hit with. He will hit you in your finances and then uppercut you through your marriage and you start going down after a while.

But if you just stay out of the ring, and start throwing a few scriptures across the ropes, telling him something like “the battle is not mine, it belongs to God” and if you’re telling him “my God will supply all of my needs according to His riches in Glory” and if you telling him “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” and if you telling him “Satan, the blood is against you” but if you don’t know any scriptures, tell him “devil, I can hear you knocking but you can’t come here”.

But in whatever you got to do to fight, you got to arm yourself with the understanding that you don’t get in the ring with the enemy.

The book of Jude teaches us that Michael who was carrying the body of Moses. When he was carrying the body of moses back to Glory, Satan came to steal the body of moses out of the arms of Michael the Archangel. Now, you must understand that Michael is not just an Angel, He’s infact an Archangel, He’s the captain of the brigade, He’s in charge of all other Angels.

Angels are so strong that Angel rolls the stone away from the grave of Jesus, that stone men could not move by their own power. Angels are so strong that they flap their wings over the red sea and the red sea stood at the teaching. Angels are so strong, that they are the security system of Heaven but when the enemy came up against it, He didn’t fight in himself but He said, ”Satan, the Lord rebukes you”

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