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Preacher: Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Some guys come to church because most of the beautiful girls are found in Church.

Let me advice you ‘uncle’, if you are not serious with your spiritual life, the people that you will attract will be people whose values are compatible with yours and they will also be the one who are not serious in church.

You don’t pay tithe, you don’t belong to any unit in church, you have not attended any of the training in church..the girls that are spiritually serious won’t follow you.

Personally, you need to make a commitment to God and to grow and to prepare to be an asset to whoever it is that will marry you.
Having done that, the rest is easy.. When you feel you are prepare, the next thing is to position yourself where someone can see you and where you can see someone.

To the guys first, he who finds a wife finds a good thing. To find something, you have to look for it. There is no point staying in the bedroom and fasting for 40days, all you will see there will be angels. Is not that prayers is not important, prayer is absolutely important. But I’m just simply saying you need to ‘watch and pray’

The first time I took Nike to see my parents, after we left my aunty told me later that one of her friend asked her; how did I see such a beautiful girl? Because your nephew doesn’t look into people’s faces, how did he see a fine girl like that? So I said to my aunty to tell her that I’m a pastor, that when I stand on the pulpit, I tell people to stand up, lift up their hands, close their eyes, worship the Lord…i said I ‘watch and pray’.

Church is one of the place you meet people. You won’t meet people, if you come, sit-down, as soon as we close the service or even before we close the service, you carry your won’t meet anybody that way!

You meet people in the place of service, in the place of commitment to God’s work because He said that you shouldn’t worry about what others worry about, you should seek first the kingdom of God and His Righteousness and every other thing will be added to you.

I found my wife where I was serving God and she was serving God so passionately.

Join a small group in church, serve actively, there is where you will find people with similar values with you. You can also meet people at work, you meet people in your neighborhood, get involved, maintain your relationship with your relations and your friends, visit people..

Pray once you find someone that you think he/she is the person. Pray more and do research, ask the person as many questions as you can about her background, what she likes and what she doesn’t likes, her values and so on..

Get some of your friends who are spiritual to pray along with you. If you feel stronger about it, mention it to a pastor or a leader in church. These are your safety net, this is one of the most important decision you are making in your life, get other people to help you to pray about it

Someone asked me to pray for him many years ago. He said; I have found a lady I love somuch. I have never love a lady like that in my life.
I said to him ‘okay’ just give me short time to pray before you lunch your manifesto.

Few weeks later he came to me and asked; sir! How far? I said I’m still praying .
He came back again after a week to ask same question, then I said to him that if I am to be honest with you, I don’t see both of you together in my spirit.

Few days later he came to me again to thank me because he discovered some hidden secret about the lady.

I pray in the name of Jesus Christ that the God of covenant who has a plan for your destiny, that God will move on your behalf. Your marital destiny shall be built on revelation. He will guide you, instruct you and show you favor in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. I prophesy by the power of the Holy Spirit for everyone who has made mistakes before, with God there is restoration. I prophesy healing in the name of Jesus and I prophesy restoration. I prophesy by the power of the Holy Spirit, your divine connection in marriage will come by revelation..

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