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TD Jakes: What they don’t understand is that even when you are expecting something good to happen, it costs you something.

That hope costs you something. That expectation costs you something. It takes something for you to stand in a position of readiness expecting good things to happen that don’t.

The Bible said “Hope deferred maketh the heart sick”.

And I thought by now, I would have been married. I had planned a wedding for my twenties and now I’m 42, the number have reversed and I’m still by myself “Hope deferred maketh the heart sick”.

I thought I would have my degree but everytime I get ready to go back after my degree, something sets me back..

And when you keep wanting something that keeps invading you, If you are not careful, it would wear you down.

To wait for something, anticipating it and it doesn’t happen cost you more than somebody who wants nothing..

That’s why we have so many people who fall into the abyss of wanting absolutely nothing because sometimes, it is easier not to want anything than it is to want it and not get it.

I want you to understand then that when while they were waiting for the bridegroom to come, they were burning oil. While nothing was happening,they were burning oil. You have to burn some oil to be able to wait.

The Bible says those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount upon wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.

You have to be tough to wait. You have to be tough to work all day and go to school at night. You have to be tough to take two part-time jobs and put them together and try to make a do. You have to be tough!

I may not have it but I want it. I may not be there but I want to. It may not be in my hands but I’m snatching after it. I may not have apprehended but I’m in the press. I may not have climbed the mountain but I will die with dirt between my fingernails because I will never leave there and accept where I came from to be where I’m going.

My History is not my Destiny, that’s why I don’t care. When you say you knew me when. I don’t care how many people knew me when, until you know me now, you don’t know anything at all. MY HISTORY IS NOT MY DESTINY!

You said it’s late but I’m still waiting. I’m older but I’m still waiting. I have had setbacks but I’m still waiting..

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