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Bishop T. D Jake’s is a charismatic leader, visionary, provocative thinker and entrepreneur who serves as senior pastor of The Potter house, a global humanitarian and 30,000-member church located in Dellas.

Named “American’s Best Preacher” by Time Magazine and CNN.

Legendary Bishop Thomas Dexter Jake’s took to his instagram page to confirmed his coming to Abuja and Warri, Nigeria

He said: I’m always awed when I get to travel from country to country that my parents would’ve never imagined from that ragged house I was raised in. I would be bless to go to nations of the world! No matter what God does in my life, always remain greatful! Intercessors pray as I move towards Abuja and Warri, Nigeria.

An instagram user also affirmed that he was with Bishop T. D Jake’s on same flight to Abuja

360 DEGREE TURN AROUND promise to be an irrecoverably exceptional time in God’s presence.

Date: 21st May, 2018
Time: 2pm
Venue: THE MASTER’S PLACE INTERNATIONAL CHURCH along NNPC Housing Complex Road, Off Airport Road, Warri, Delta State


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