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How To Transform Your Life By Transforming The Way You Think, If You Must Attain Greatness– Pastor Sam Adeyemi

You have been thinking thousands, how do i begin to think millions and thinking million would be normal to me. Your believe system, your sense of identity, how do i change who I think I am. Those are big questions.

Some people have classified themselves as the poor. Everyone has the right to think what they want to think and everyone has the right to choose where they want to be in the society.

What you believe is what you become. Your sense of Identity is so powerful, your self image is so powerful, that is the picture of yourself you hold on the inside. Some people allows circumstances to shape their thinking and circumstances are powerful, they can shape our thinking. But if those circumstances are negative, they will shape you negatively.
Make you to believe that you are poor,
Make you to believe that you are a failure,
Make you to believe you are a victim.
Once you see yourself that way, your magnet kicks in… it attract the material equivalent of that.


When I was a student, I did not even have enough money to buy things in those days. I did not have all the kind of clothes that I wanted to have on. But I remember clearly, that I wrote on my notebooks, “millionaire in training”. That was a picture that I choose to have of myself.

You can transform your life by reading book.
-Read books:
Read books written by people who have succeeded where you are just about to begin to try. It will expand your mind. I have done it, it is phenomenal.

When I did not have anything, I began to rub mind with some of the best minds from around the world. Some people have done research, they have interviewed wealthy people and they put the results in books. What you pay for the book is not the real value of the book. No one can really quantify the value of other people experiences sometimes they put in their book. What you pay for, is just the ink and the paper.
Books can revolutionise your life.
Books can break down the barriers in your thinking. Books can remove limitations.
Books can take you into a new world.
In fact, books can reintroduce you to yourself. They can help you to discover who you are, they can help you to discover your potential .

Several years ago, someone loan me a book “the forth dimension” by Yonggi Cho. The book was about the imagination. I loan the book in the morning, finished it in the afternoon and I started back from chapter one and finished the book the next day. It was the first time I read a book twice in 36hrs. Why? Something was happening inside of me that I could not explain. My heart was literally expanding.

I read a book title ”dream seeds” by Mike Murdock. The book literally shattered all the limitations in my mind and killed all the excuses that I had inside me for not trying to achieve better than I was achieving.

You know the interesting thing? What you are trying to achieve now, some people achieved it 30 years ago. 50years experience packed in just one book. How do you ever pay for that? Now, in reading books, I have rubbed minds with some of the best minds in the world.

I recommend strongly “reading”, it will change your life. Sometimes, insight will hit your heart, hit your mind. And someone said, “when a new idea stretches the mind, it never goes back to it normal size”.

In those days, I will buy books with the money I could have used to buy clothes. Because wisdom told me that, if I buy the book, I will get something from the book that will bring the clothes. And that is exactly how it has worked out for me.

One of the greatest life changing things you would ever do in your life, is to change your thinking.

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