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Bishop David Oyedepo Recounts Some Of The Miracles He encountered While On The Street To Street Evangelism

In the last 5years, our wonder doubled, season of revival. The kind of miracles we saw in my team as we went from street to street, from market to market is awesome…
Instant healings
Instant deliverance
Instant rescue
By being on the go for Jesus….

-Somebody was on his way to commit suicide, Jesus met him. He appeared in church, the following Monday, favour descended on him. His entire story was turned around 360degrees.

-A whole family into drugs, Jesus met the man under the bridge while I was ministering, Jesus rescued him. His two grown up sons that were with him in the business, every one of them is on fire for Jesus today.

-A woman was going to the hospital, met us and stood to hear the word of God, she gave her life to Jesus and went on her way to the hospital. She got to the hospital and could not find her health challenges any more.. she went to the next hospital, she still could not find her health challenge anymore… Today, she is free forever.

All kind of diverse miracles follow you as you step out sharing the word of God..

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