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There Is A Difference Between Walking With God And Working For God || Apostle Johnson Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman: Your reward is on the premise of your walking with God and not your work for God.

When you work for God, it attracts awards but only your walk with God attracts a reward from God.

Nothing guarantees longevity in life and destiny than walking with God.

Walking with God reveals your fear for God. Fearing God is considering God’s reaction before every action

How Do I Walk With God?

  1. Walking In His Word
  • The word of God is God’s surgical tool.
  1. Regulate Your Association.
  • There are people that come into your life and your life is open and vise versa.

How Do I Walk In God’s Word?

  1. I Must Know The Word.
  • The knowledge of God’s word gives us stability.
  1. Do It.
  • Don’t just know God’s word, do it. Be a doer of God’s word.

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