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How A Man Exchange His Wife For riches–True life Story By Pastor David Ibiyeomie

There was this woman, her husband took her because he wanted to be rich. The occultic men told him, “if you want to be rich, bring your wife”. So, he gave out his wife as an exchange for him to be rich.

After that, he discovered that the money was not forthcoming and his wife became pregnant and there was no money. When she was to deliver, the cord tied the neck of the baby. He knew what happened that he has donated his wife. He ran to the church and said Sir, this is what happened. The man said, “not even God can save her, she will die” since he has given her to them, he will not bother himself.

He was not really a member of our church, at that time I was not in this level of anointing, I was still at the kindergarten level of anointing but God is God.

He said Sir, “From 2 pm, I have been praying for my wife and at this point she want to go for CS and I know what would be the end, she will die”

As I was trying to pray, God said I should go. I took my shirt and I went. When I got there, as I was meditating, God said, “Satan bound her but Jesus loosed her. Go there and declare, I am the looser.

I got to the place, they said I can’t enter because I am a man, this is a female ward, so you can’t enter. I asked them if I can speak a word just through the window. So they gave me the permission. When I opened the window, I sighted the woman and she was in pain. At that time they were about to wheel her for the CS. I said, “In thy name of Jesus, be loose”, that was all I said.

Then I turned away, and told them she will deliver. The nurse sigh, “mitcheeww..this man must be a bush man. When you know the word God gave you, you won’t panic. Even her husband did not believe because he has been praying since 2 pm, and you just came here and say, “be loose”, is that all the prayer you will pray here… they carried her reluctantly.

Before we got to the gate from the ward, the woman delivered. They ran after me, that I should come and pray for another woman..

Listen, I don’t know where Satan bound you, anywhere Satan bound you, “In thy name of Jesus, be loose”

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