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How Your Life Can Be Shortchange If You Have Limited Dream- Sam Adeyemi

What will you look like 10years from now? It’s exactly what you are looking in your imagination now.

The best time to control tomorrow is before it arrives. You must have a vision. Proverb 29:18 says where there is no vision the people perish. The quality of your life can’t be better than the quality of that dream in your heart and mind.

I think that being deprived of the ability to dream is the greatest injustice in the world. If you so afflict a person to the point where the person can not have a dream, you have done to the person the greatest injustice in the world. Dream big!

If you dare to allow that dream to be limited, you have shortchange yourself. Don’t use the depth of your poverty to determine the height of your prosperity because when you are likely deprived, something small will look big to you. If you have never seen 10,000 naira before, and someone gives you 200,000 naira, some people will almost faint.

If you want to dream about a car, don’t dream of tokunbo because by the time the dream should be fulfilled, Nigeria would have changed.. In your dream, see a new car..

Those who brought development to developed countries where not essentially government officials but dreamers. Henry Ford who began the max produce of cars in the United State of America was not a government official, Bill Gate is an entrepreneurer but they changed the way they run their lives forever.

Dream big, don’t ever make the mistake of having small dream because your dreams are coming to past.

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