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6 Signs That You Are Spiritually Weak: Bishop David Ibiyeome

If you can not pray when there are challenges, it shows that you are spiritually weak. It is time to wake up! Many Christians are weak when challenges come.

Signs of spiritual laziness are:

1. You are spiritually lazy when you find it hard to read the Bible. When you can read every news paper, every magazine and you can’t study the Bible, you are spiritually weak!

2. You are spiritually lazy when you don’t like to pray.

3. You don’t like fellowship. You just likes Sunday’s alone. You like every other meetings except church fellowship. Every other social gathering, you are always available.

4. You see fasting as punishment.

5. You hate soul winning.

6. You don’t invest in your spiritual knowledge. You see buying of books and tapes as waste. You always looking for someone to pray for you.

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