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He says, this book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth. 


If you notice, He did not say ‘shall not depart out of thy heart? For long time, many Christians have been heart conscious which is good but it will not work until it’s in your mouth.

He says ‘this book of the law shall not depart from your mouth.’ How will it not depart from your mouth? It means you must be talking it.

Why is God doing this? I will explain……
He says this book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth but thou shall meditate therein…

He did not say thou shall ‘meditate’ no! But thou shall ‘meditate therein’.. There is a material for meditation, He is talking about meditating on the word.

Now, there are people who meditate but they are not meditating on the word of God, they are just meditating..

He says thou shall meditate therein day and night. Now how do you meditate? What does it really mean to meditate? The word meditate is translated, is the Hebrew HA-G-AH. It means:
To ponder
To mutter
To be talking
To crawl or roar
Meaning that you are going to be talking under your voice. It means you will think it through your mind, ponder upon it, ponder through it, talk it with your lips, nobody may be hearing you but say it under your voice, talk it, then shout it.

Why is God saying this? He is trying to give us a mentality, until you have a winning mentality, you will not win consistently.

You’ve got to have the mentality for consistent success. Now, some people succeed in one thing and then they lose it, they get it and then don’t get it again.

God wants you to have consistent success, so He has to give us a mentality. There is a kind-of thinking that you must have and because it is so necessary, God says; this book shall not depart out of your mouth.

No matter what you are experiencing, don’t change what you say. He says only say what God says, no matter what our feeling, no matter what you are seeing, He says this book shall not depart from your mouth.

If you medicate therein, it will cause you to do accordingly.

Here is the principle; your thoughts control your words, your words control your actions and your actions will determine your destiny, that is what life is all about.

You can’t be different from your thinking. Your words reveal your thoughts and the way you talk will determine your lifestyle and your lifestyle controls your destiny.

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