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It doesn’t matter what you going through.

Sometimes, there are trials, difficult days, persecutions, hard times come, the crisis of life can come.

But when that is happening, you hold on, don’t run away, don’t complain, it only came to pass.

Just press on, it will surely come to pass.

Jesus said to them at his arrest; This is your hour and the power of darkness. It was for a moment. It came to pass. When it was over the Glorified son of God was out there.

So you may go through difficulties, you may be giving to God and giving your offerings and sowing seeds and being a wonderful partner and suddenly you lose your job. It can happen!

When your difficult days come, don’t act like ‘did I make a mistake? Oh God why is this happening to me now.. Ahhh I don’t know why ahh.. And then you hear, if you are a Christian, this should never happen to you.. It’s not true!

Something can happen, though you are a Christian but no matter what happens, you are still a Victor.

Because the circumstances of your life will never describe the quality of your personality.

Though, you go through the water, you shall not be drowned.. Though you go through the fire, you shall not be burnt.

God said; A thousand shall fall at your side and ten thousand shall fall at your right hand but it shall not come nigh you.. Why? Because your spirit is preserved.

He said in your patience, possess ye your souls. In other words, remain confident, no matter what is happening.

They may carry you and put you in the dungeon, it doesn’t matter.
They may bind you hand and foot, it doesn’t matter.
They may despise you, ostracise you, it doesn’t matter.. For greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.

You’ve got to make up your mind.

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