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Not Every Blessing Comes To Stay || TD Jakes

TD Jakes: You are in love of what you had and you think if your life does not retain the shape that you started with, you don’t think it can get you to where you are going. Even when life takes another form and if all broken into a piece, grab a piece of what you got left and hold on.

Just because things are broken in your life, doesn’t mean you can’t survive. You can’t be save by what it was, you can only be saved by what it is. Stop focusing on what you lost and start living on what you got left.

I’ve learned that not every blessing comes to stay, every relationship was not meant to last, every friend will not be a long life friend. God will send people into your life for a season because you need it at that time in your life and if they walk away, don’t stand at the tomb of what used to be and cry over what was because if they need you for the future, they would have stayed. All that left, couldn’t stay and all that stayed couldn’t leave…

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