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When it comes to sexual temptation, the only way out is to flee like Joseph who fled from potiphar’s wife. She was beautiful and well endowed, that’s why Joseph ran when she tried to seduced him.

Now, at the time of Joseph, there was no commandment, for Joseph lived before the commandments. Joseph knew how to face sexual temptation. Sexual temptation is one temptation you shouldn’t think you can overcome by not running. In this kind of temptation God did not tell you to use His Name, but He said ‘flee’.

The forces of attraction is very strong, the best thing is not to trust yourself in the area of sexual temptation, put no confidence in the flesh. Temptation can come as a thought, something you saw, something you remember. Before temptation becomes sin, there is something between, which is ‘confidence in the flesh’. Apostle Paul says in Philippians 3, we put no confidence in the flesh. We must not trust ourselves in this area..

When you don’t trust yourself, you are safe but the moment you say i can handle this(putting confidence in the flesh), your flesh will bring you to the dark side. You are smart if you learn to run like joseph.

After confidence in the flesh, you fall into sin, and the prompt of sin is guilt and guilt will bring new resolution( I will never look at the opposite sex or even talk to the opposite sex). Resolutions don’t work because it presumes on men’s strength. 
After new resolutions, then you have a propensity for fresh temptation..

The way Jesus broke this was when He counsel a woman caught in adultery. She was not a prostitute but she was caught in adultery but Jesus said to her; I do not condemn you, go and sin no more, in other word He gave her the gift of no condemnation and that became an empowerment to go and sin no more..

If you think grace is a careless lifestyle, is because you only have one side of grace that we’re delivered from the law but what am talking about is being married to Jesus, enjoying His love, enjoying His supply.
And when you fail..know this, He said; I do not condemn you, go and sin no more..

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  • Malvern Zireva

    This is a powerful teaching pastor Prince. I have been facing this challenge over and over again. I tried to build myself in the flesh by imposing myself in a place full of prostitute, thinking that i can learn to resist but i had realised that i would end up taking them. But thanks to your teachings now i can understand that the can never be confidence in the fleshh. Ohh Jesus im blessed


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