Priscilla Shirer Sends Warning To Christians

Priscilla shirer sends warning to believers, urging Christians to have more faith in God’s word more than ever before.

Shirer is the founder of Going Beyond Ministries, Christian speaker and author. She encourages believers to stand firm in this challenging time, that whatever is going on now is a tool for Satan to create fear in the heart of God’s people.

She went on to say, whatever shakes us, can never shake God, that we should focus more on God’s word to know more of who He is than to focus on the pandemic. That Satan is trying to use it to discourage us to make us feel we have been defeated but God has already given us victory.

She added; should we all go on to make decisions out of fear? No!
That is not how God wired us. I am who God says I am, I will stand on the victory side.

We should see the pandemic as an opportunity for God to be glorified.

She exhorted, “Not today, Satan. Not on my watch, not while I’m here, I’m going to be someone who’s positioned in prayer. And now we’ll get to see what it is to stand firm against the schemes of the devil in prayer for my family.

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