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Taking What Belongs To You In God– Bishop David Oyedepo

The devil wants to make you feel that the solution prescribed in the word of God is too simple to be true…He wants to make you see that!

He told them in the garden of Eden, how can eating ordinary fruit kill you? That you are not a dummy, you should know better. Taste it a little, do you feel like dying? Eat it now!

The Bible said concerning Satan, that the serpent was the most subtle of all the animal which the Lord God made.

Apostle Paul was right in 2corinthians 11:3, He said, I fear lest thy enemy, as Satan beguild Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in the Gospel.

Satan is constantly fighting the simplicity of the Gospel.
How can this thing be what what will control your life..
How can your tongue: are you a dummy? Your tongue can be that powerful.. how?
It’s only a biological organ, what is it? It’s nothing!

There is nothing that belong to you in good
God that would be real without the use of your mouth.
Only what your life declared, can be delivered…
What you can not proclaim, you can not claim

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