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The Power Of The Tongue And What Determines What God Does with You– Bishop David Oyedepo

A woman was at the verge of total collapse, when she ran to meet a prophet. She said, “My husband, a prophet is dead and the creditors have come to take my two sons away”.

It is interesting, the Prophet said, “what do you have in your house?”. That means, no matter the questions about your life, there is a solution within. As insummatable as that mountain appear..

The Prophet said, “there is something in your house, that is able to deal with it. There is something within you that holds answer to that question.
You have what it takes to be free…
You have all it takes to be full…
You have all it takes to excel..

He said, “what has thou in thy house?”

There are many things we carry but we don’t know the worth of what they are. They don’t know their worth, so they can’t deliver their worth to us…

He said, “what has thou in thy house?”

From the word of God, it is clear that every destiny is at the mercy of the tongue… Life and death is in the power of the tongue?

The tongue can determine how well you live or otherwise.

They were about getting to canaan and at kadesh barnea, 12 spices were sent to spy out the land. And they came back and said, “We were not able to enter, the people are too strong for us, we saw the land is flowing with milk and honey but the land eats up people, we can’t take it” and God spoke out, saying, “as you have spoken to my ears, even so will I do unto you”…. So, their destiny was determined by their tongue!

Just to say, “it is impossible”, then you find yourself a permanent victim of imperfection.

God was the one who says, “I am taking you to canaan” but their mouth won’t let them enter.

God is the one who says, “the price have been paid for your sins” but it will require our mouth to enter into our inheritance of righteousness in Him.

The Bible says anyone who does not know how to use his tongue, He says that man’s religion is vain. .
Vain means zero, nothing to show..

This is so important… They couldn’t enter the land because their tongue won’t let them enter . So, if you must enter, then your tongue will be the one to determine weather you do enter or not. Your tongue is what determines what God does with you.

“Truly as I live, as you have spoken in my ears, even so will I do unto you”

So, your destiny and my destiny is at the mercy of the tongue. For a situation to turn to you for a testimony, you need to understand what has been given you. You mouth has been given you, not just for eating and drinking. Your mouth has been given you as a weapon of war against all your adversaries .

“I will give unto you a mouth and when you let my wisdom flow through that mouth, none of your adversaries can gainsay or resist it”.

So, you have a mouth gift. It is a gift of destiny. It determines where your life is heading for. NO ONE HEAR WILL END UP IN A CRASH.

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