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Dr Myles Munroe || 7 Hidden Treasures Of Crisis And How It Brings You Success

  1. Crisis Is The Incubator Of Creativity.

When things fall apart, it makes us think outside the box.

  1. Crisis Demand A New Way Of Thinking About Old Problems.

An old problem means you have to pay a mortgage. The problem is, the source of income you used to pay with has been dried up. But the old problem hasn’t gone away, you still have to pay your mortgage.

What you have to do now, is find a new way to generate income to pay the old problem. Crisis actually forces you to think about new ways to solving old problems.

  1. Crisis Is An Opportunity To Improve And Advance Over Old Ideas.

Sometimes, the only way for you to move on, is first something to push you. And many times we don’t grow until we have to.

So, crisis comes many times to improve us, because we have been stalk in a place too long.

  1. Crisis Comes To Produce Growth And Development.

It makes you develope new approaches to life.

  1. Crisis Creates New Opportunities

It’s amazing when we look at the world today, every progressive invention came out of a problem. And that is because, crisis makes you develope and think in a new ways.

  1. Crisis Produces And Manifest Trust Leadership Ability.

No matter how much you claim to be a leader, only crisis proves it. You are not really a leader in good times. Anybody can lead in good time. Leadership is tested and proven when there is a crisis environment. Some crisis comes to test to see, if you are as mature as you claim to be.

You have been telling people how good God can be. Let’s see how good He is when things fall apart..

You have been telling people how much faith you got. Let’s us see what faith you have, when there has to be situations where things don’t look too good and you are not sure how you gonna make it in the morning. In other words, crisis comes to test your leadership ability.

  1. Crisis Ignite The Purpose Of Vision.

Crisis takes you back to what God told you from the beginning. Sometimes, you stray away and God pull you back to get you on the floor. Sometimes crisis will take you back to the original Idea that God told you from the beginning and it is called “your original vision”

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