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How God Punished Me, After Disobeying Archbishop Benson Idahosa– Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams

One time, I had problem with Archbishop Benson Idahosa. Oral Robert came to Ghana after the crusade and when he went, he put it in one of his magazines that action was for Idahosa and I wrote to Oral Robert and told him that action is not for idahosa, is for me..

So, he(Oral Robert) sent the letter to Idahosa and Idahosa sent for me to come and I refused to go.

So, he(Idahosa) wrote me a letter, “now that you have come of age and you don’t have respect for father’s anymore, I take all my coverings and hands off you and may the Lord be with you”.. I took the letter and torn it and said to myself, “forget it”…. Pride!

My heart was lifted up (pride) and there was no charismatic church in town and I was the hit man for the gospel at that time and God said, “you think you have arrived…ok, I will show you I’m God”

Me… I have learnt humility by many things..

One month after that, national security picked me up. I was under investigation for 2years. And the security man who picked me up said, “We have been given instruction long time to pick you up but everytime we attempt to pick you up, something stop us but a month ago, it was like nothing stood on our way, so we have to come for you” and I said, “ahaaa”

That was the beginning of my sorrows….

I sent people to pray and intercede and I heard one day that he was in London and I came here. When I found him, I threw myself on the floor and I said, “Mercy”

Those of you who are very arrogant and proud, and your heart is lifted up(pride) because you are gifted and anointed, you can buy and eat whatever you want to eat, you run 20 services on Sunday morning, you are the biggest thing in town… so your heart is lifted up(pride)

Be careful, because the anointing of lucifer is waiting for you..

Then he said, “Satan, this is between me and my son, stay out of it” and he said to me, “go back”.

When I went back.. Tuesday night, I was praying and the Holy Ghost said, “they are coming for you tomorrow at 8:30pm, if you resist them, you will see Jesus”

On Wednesday, 8:30pm on the dot, security came and said, there are some people from national security, they are looking for you. I said, “bring them in”. They came in and said, we have instruction to bring you and I said I’ve reported and why should I come today.
He said, “we don’t know but we are asked to bring you in” and I said, “I am not going” and the gentle man said what did you say?

He said, this is revolution and I said I know it is revolution . And I said in the Name of Jesus, I am not dying today or tomorrow and I said you have been given instruction to pick me up to assassinate me and it will not happen.

They looked at each other and then they said, “excuse me” they went to talk to each other, make some calls and they said to me, “report tomorrow by 10.00 without fail ” and I said I will be there…

That night, we had an alnight. And while we where praying, the spirit said, “when you go there tomorrow, before the panel begin their investigation, request for prayer”. So I went and when I stood before the panel, I said, “can I please pray?” And they gave me go ahead and something came upon me..
I felt the oil and I prayed.. I began to invoke Psalm 109.

By the time I finished, the man said, “This is not fair, we are just doing our job and they said, “go and sit outside”
I was there for 3hrs and they came back and said, “go home, we will call you” and I went home and I was never called again..

You know what idahosa said? He said, “Satan, this is between me and my son, stay out of it”

Because the accuser, who is the prosecutor had evidence to prosecute me and the old man took the evidence out of the way. And when he took the evidence out of the way, the enemy could not exalt himself on me anymore..

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