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Dr Myles Munroe || The Educational System In Your City Is Your Greatest Problem And Why You Should Never Listen To All Your Teacher Tells You..

Myles Munroe: Why am I here?
This question has to do with potential. Potential means “what is my true power?”. Many people are living below their ability.
You are only using 10% of your brain power right now.
“Who you are” has never been discovered. What you are settling for, disappoints God..
What you are proud of, God is ashamed of..

I discovered that to be a genius, all you have to do, is use 1% more of the others of your brain.

What can you do? What is your true ability?
The problem is, our culture attempts to tell us what we can do..
The education system of your city is your greatest problem. Because they attempt to judge your potential by their exams. And in one week, they gave you a test and when you get a C, they say, “you are an average human”… How dare they!

That’s why, most of the greatest people on earth are people who never finished school and that’s include Bill Gates. Because the educational system, don’t have the mechanism to measure how much you know. That’s why I don’t trust any system on earth!

You are so smart, they can’t measure your intelligence.. So, don’t believe anything they told you about you about you.

Some of you are still living under an exam, you took 20years ago and they told you;
You are not artistic..
You can not calculate..
You can never be a professional in arithmetic..
You can not add and multiply..

And you believed them! And even today, you are afraid of calculator because you believe them.
The Bible says, let God be true and trust no man and that’s why I don’t trust any of your opinions of me, so keep your thinking to yourself. I did not come here for you to like me or approve of me. I like me before you met me…

In other words, you and I must be careful, not to allow people to judge us.

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