The New £20 Is Now Out, Having 5G Hologram And Corona Virus Symbol Above It

Rumour has it said that corona virus pandemic has connection to do with 5G network. Few days ago, the senior pastor of Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris talked about a vaccine and ID2020 which was planned to be executed in year 2020. He said, both the 5G and covid 19 are working for the same purpose to bring a new world order.

And the only way to bring the vaccine is to create a virus, so that the vaccine will be acceptable. Few pastors have kicked against 5G and revealing the plans behind the creation of Covid 19 but most of their hearers never stopped insulting them. Like in the day of Noah, the people of that time did not give attention to Noah’s warning and they were all consumed by the flood. After much anticipation of the £20 note, which finally came out few days ago has 5G tower hologram and the symbol of corona virus above it.. it’s obvious their is some iota of truth from what these men of God have been saying.. Below is the image of the new £20

What could be it significance?

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