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Death To Human Approval Or Opinion– Dr Paul Enenche

What are people saying? Are people happy with me? Are they angry with me?

Those who are bothered about the convention, don’t fulfill their conviction. If you are bothered about the consensus, you don’t fulfill your conviction.

To be addicted to approval, is to be allergic to impact. If you want the whole world happy with you, you can’t go no where.

Whenever you are concerned about everything, you end up as a concern yourself.

We must come to a point where, it is not what people are saying that matters…
It is not what appears popular that matters…

But what is important, is what is God saying.. It is not whether people are happy with me that is the point, but is God happy with me.

Listen, you are not going to give account of your life and ministry to men, you are going to give it to God…

The most important opinion that matters, is the opinion of God!

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