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Reasons Why Most Women Don’t Respect Your Husband -Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman: In the 21st century, you marry a woman who can not sacrifice, you have married disaster. There are many ladies who can not inconvenience themselves for the growth of their homes.

The moment the man loses his job, the wife changes, she can’t love him again. There are many people i counsel and it’s sad the way their wife treats them when things are not going well..

Never submit to a man because he has money or because he doesn’t have money, the Bible never instructs that. So, choose whether you want to marry or not. Thank God marriage is not compulsory but if you want to do it God’s way, you must submit!

It is a terrible thing when women gather together with their friends. Now, I understand that there are times women sitdown and talk to comfort themselves but there are women who are perpetually in a habit of sitting with groups and lambast their husbands, they talk all kinds of nonsense, reveal family secrets, bedroom secrets that are not for the consumption of the public and when they finish, they come back and they expect all those women everywhere to respect the men…. they will not!

You man had a challenge, and maybe he had an affair with a lady, he has apologise, a man of God came in and they managed the situation. Is only you and the Pastor who has managed the situation. You now carry your mouth and run it from East to West, everybody knows your husband once had a challenge and one day, they look at him and the day he annoys the person who knows that secret, the person will go and publish something. “In 1971”, you see them do it In America. When God is about to bless somebody, somebody will just come crying on the TV and said look, “I remember what you did to me, this and that” because we don’t keep quiet.

The Bible says, “even a fool, when he is silent, he is regarded wise”

The Bible tells every woman to cover her head. There is a dimension of physical covering but there is a dimension of spiritual covering. Cover the head over your life, protect him.. he is vulnerable!

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