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TD Jakes: When we think of the Holy Spirit, we think of him comforting us like “hug”..No!

The word “comfort” is “parakletos”. One who stands alongside to help.

When you got something really heavy and you can’t lift it, the parakletos makes you able to lift stuffs you couldn’t lift. If I try to lift stuffs with my own strenght and I couldn’t do it, I will fail in my own strenght but if I do get a chain and hook it to the paraklet, I can pull it up easier because I got help…

That’s what the Holy Ghost is!

You better pay attention this year, because some of those stuffs you have planned, you are not going to have the strength to lift it.. don’t give up on your vision..

When you go in, He will go in with you..
When you go after it, He will go after it with you..
When you get into the fight, He will get into the fight with you..

He’s going to stand alongside with you to help and when you run out of strength, that is when He will kick in..

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