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Apostle Joshua Selman || The Mystery Of The Eyes

Apostle Joshua Selman Jesus was teaching and He said the eyes is the light ofthe body. Jesus was not teaching parable. Jesus was teaching a powerful principle that the eyes, there is a mystery. Seeing is only one of the functions and is simply because is all science told you. The eyes is a system of transporting reality through and from the realm of the Spirit that only your eyes can see. That’s why God healed every blind person He saw. There was no blind person that passed Jesus that was not healed, there were other cripple and He left them but He was violent on blindness. There is a relationship between your eyes and your destiny.

Paul became blinded by the Glory of God but God had to open his spiritual eyes to be seen first before the physical one open. Do you know why your eyes closes in the night when you sleep?

Brothers and sisters, there are secrets in this book(Bible), when you find it, your results are not just an issue of witch.

This eyes you see…

Anything the eyes makes contact with consistently, it force your mind to begin to think on that reality. It is not the thinking about it, it is an incubation that start happening in the realm of the Spirit .

He told the man at the beautiful gate… “look at us steadfastly” and he looked at them and He (Jesus) said “now, you are seeing”

What was the requirements of Elisabeth receiving from Elijah? Was he not looking at him?

When Jesus was ascending, the Bible says they kept looking at him until the cloud received Him.

Could it be that the only thing you have been doing with your eyes is just to look around.

That’s why you don’t remember the faces of blind people because you can not see their eyes. That part that makes your face recognisable is your EYES!

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