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Results For Praising God– Pastor David Ibiyeomie

  1. Praise will make God to go before you (Isaiah 45:2).
    It is not the dancing that produces result, it’s understanding of what you are doing.
  2. Clear barriers and obstacles (Isaiah 45:2).
    It will make barrier to clear, rough area to be made smooth and chains will be broken.
  3. God will subdue all oppositions (Isaiah 45:1)
    He will open doors to you and I in nations. You product can not be stopped. Even if they stop others, they can’t stop you.
  4. Doors will be open continually (Isaiah 60:11).
  5. Treasures in the hidden place will find their way to us by reason of praise (Isaiah 45:14)
    When we got to Portharcourt newly, we got a property in GRA. I went for a meeting, a woman looked at me and said, “where is your church”, i said GRA. She said, “how will you go and take property in GRA, will you be able to pay?”. I felt insulted.

Less than 6years after, she came to me, sir! you are the only person who can buy our property. Banks is on my neck and I know you can buy it, please help me.

And we bought her property and helped her. Don’t mind where you are, mind what God is saying.

Never praise God without scriptural picture of the future you want to feature for God to manifest in your life..

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