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They Tell People Jesus Is Thesame, Today And Forever, Yet They Fear A Virus — Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

I heard in some countries, that they told churches to open and they gave them guidelines. But if you read the guidelines, you will immediately know that those guidelines are not from mind that have any science in them.

I asked someone to read to me about the guidelines they gave them.. it was just all a laughing matter.

You couldn’t believe that educated people drew up those guidelines but I was later told, that they were actually ministers. That is, there were actually church leaders who gave those guidelines to government.

Government consulted church leaders and asked them what guidelines to follow? And these church leaders who are full of fear, they are afraid of the virus and they are telling people that Jesus Christ Is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. They don’t believe in Jesus!

You can’t believe in Jesus and be afraid of viruses. Jesus touched thos who had leprosy and heal them. I have been ministering in the healing school, I have layed hands on all kind of sicknesses and diseases and people that had contagious diseases. Never once did I think, I might have infection. Because the Bible is clear!

But these people who are afraid are pretending to represent Christians to the government… is a shame!

I think the government leaders are laughing at them. Because if you are a Christian and you say you are a minister of the Gospel….. what Gospel? You have no Gospel!

If you are afraid of the virus, you have no Gospel, your Gospel has ended.

The moment you start to give such guidelines to people in the church that they should listen to science, you have backslided.

Many of these ministers needs prayers and we have to pray for many pastors and leaders who are scared of the disease…

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