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Understand That There Are Three Reasons People Come Into Your Life.. || Apostle Johnson Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman: There are people that come into your life, and you think this is the beginning of success that is going to be permanent. But they go out the same way they came.

There is nobody you can not do without and there is nobody who can’t do without you. Sometimes, when you see the connection of the fish and the water… the fish swim in the water, the gets shelter in the water, you will think that water means well for the fish until the fish is being cooked. And you will be so shocked and disappointed the role that the water plays in the death and cooking process of the fish.

Understand that there are three reasons people come into your life..

1. For a reason
2. For a season
3. For a lesson

When people come into your life for a season and the season God brought them into your life, might be to sustain you, that doesn’t mean they may stay for ever.

When people come into your life for a reason and God has made you see that reason why they came, they may stay forever..

And some other people came for a lesson. Understand that, you should not grieve and weep over somebody who works out of your life.. understand clearly, there is nobody you can not do without and there is nobody who can’t do without you…

When you know nobody can’t do without you, you stop placing such personality concept and you will understand that relationship about service.

When you enter people’s life, no matter all they do for you, make sure you contribute to their life. You have a wealthy man who is your helper;
He pays your fees,
He pays your rent,
Once in a while, when you go to see him, it might be a packet of handkerchief, give to him..
It might be bread on the way, give to him..

No matter the much he gives you, let him look forward to something coming from you or else the relationship become parasitic .. This is how I see life!

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