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The Guidelines For The Church Are Unacceptable — Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

The reason many churches are still shut down, is not just because of government but because of the church leaders who insisted to government not to let the churches open except the churches follow these wicked guidelines…

Few of those guidelines,
1. If you want to lay hands on the sick, you should wear a gloove..
2. Holy Communion should be suspended. Holy Communion Jesus told us to take… We are told to suspend them because of pandemic!

This is crazy!

God’s people needs to realise what is going on. I spoke to group of pastors recently and what I said to them was, “what they are planning is unknown to them, the ultimate tool for persecution. So that the churches and the christians that decides to follow Jesus with all their heart will now be single out and persecuted”. And who will persecute them? The same people that persecuted Jesus, they were the religious crowd, the pharisees of today. They are the ones preparing to persecute their brothers and sisters because they have told government that they are ready to supervise.. how will they supervise? By sending their members to other churches and report the churches. They have decided to be spies for the government.

Frankly, I am convinced that those guidelines are unacceptable

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