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To Pastors Imposing Compulsory Offerings On Members “It is not necessary” — Bishop David Oyedepo

We had one experience in our church in Kaduna, one preacher came and was taking an offering(this compulsory offering thing).

He said, “there is a Connel here”.. one person came out, he said not him, another person came out, he said that’s you…

The one he said is the one, I know if they threw him up and land him on the ground, that money can not come out of him.. I know him very well.

After I left, I called him, “I free you from all those offerings”. God will never ask you to bring what he has not given you.. I want all my co-preacher to hear this, “God will never ask anybody to bring what he has not given him”

He did not tell Abraham to bring Isaac until He gave him Isaac…

They will say bring now, bring now, you will ask how much? One million! And then you are disturbed,

Since you don’t have one million now, God can’t ask you to bring it now… No! He’s not a task master!

Somebody met me in the early day of our church, that God said I should give him a car. I said, “tell God, I have not heard”. At that time, if you threw me up, there is no way that car will come out of me..

There is no point praying over it…

That’s what is happening. Don’t let anybody cage you..

His blessings maketh rich and add no sorrow..

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