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Sex Lies Satan Tells People –Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

One of the sex lie Satan tells people is “sex help intimacy”.. before marriage, sex does not help intimacy, it actually crashes intimacy.

If there is no sex, and the two of you hangout and you two can enjoy each others company without sex, then you are likely to make it in marriage.

Another sex lie “Ha, you need to build experience sexually, if I keep myself, how will I have experience”.. Some of you now, you are Ph.D in sextology, you are gathering experience you don’t need.

The way God created it, whoever you marry, two of you will start to build sexual compatibility from when you marry. If you went to go and start before time…you have slept with 14 or 15 different people, you have gathered the experience of things you would never need, and you now meet your spouse and they don’t need all the experience you have gathered.

You are Ph.D and you now marry someone that has OND in sex.. you are used to being spin on the roof and you can marry someone that can not spin.. “honey try and be spinning me” and the husband would say “I don’t spin”. Until you meet your spouse, you don’t even know the experience you need. Gathering all those experience when you have not married the person, by the time you come there, you have built appetite for things that can never be satisfied with in your own marriage. I have seen people, on their wedding night, texting ex that is not like you.

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