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Dr Myles Munroe || The Reason Why Marriages Don’t Work.

Myles Munroe: A female suppose to be a helper. In other words, a woman at the beginning was a woman who was designed by God and equipped by God to help a male fulfill the assignment that God sent him in his life to do(Vision). A woman is not the one who comes to destroy what the man’s vision is. You don’t want to marry a woman who comes to tell you how to run your life. You don’t marry a man and detate on how he suppose to live. God said I will make for him a HELPER. Now a helper is not the one who runs the show. See, the reason marriages don’t work is because we get a monster, a monster is any creature with two heads.

A wise woman helps are husband archive..

A good woman studies her husband. She doesn’t irritate him, she doesn’t criticise him. What a real woman does, she keep asking him questions. She tries to find out what his dream is, what is vision is, what is desires are… her goal is to study him!

Sweetheart what are you going to do in the next 10years?

Honey, how do you see us developing our children?

Keep asking questions because you want to get what his vision are…

Most women come home.. “where have you been, what’s wrong with you, you are worse than my daddy”…That’s a stupid woman!

A woman from the beginning is a HELPER and you can’t help somebody who you do not know his assignment. Even if your husband is not the ideal man, you are suppose to help him become that. Maybe he doesn’t know the Bible like you, in devotions, you say to him “why can’t you find corinthians?”…. you are not helping the guy, you are demining his ego, you are destroying his pride.

The Bible says a woman build her house with her hands but tears it down with her mouth.

The Holy Spirit is called the very same thing a woman is called “paracleter” which means the one who comes along side to help. So, the Holy Spirit does not take over your life, He never does… He always comes to help you do what you are doing. That’s why is not a proper prayer for you to pray “Holy Spirit take over me” He wouldn’t do it, that is an insult to him. He wasn’t built to take over from people. If you do not plan, he has nothing to do. So, men make sure that the woman that come into your life , You have a plan for your life before she comes.

A woman comes loaded..

A woman comes with the equipment ready to help..

She got intelligence..

She got insight…

She got wisdom…

She got power..

She got anointing…

She got sensitivity..

And she comes into your life to help you, and if you ain’t do nothing, she can’t help you do nothing.

Some women comes into a men’s life and the men are doing something but she is so possess with her own importance that she believes that what she is doing is more important than what she meets him doing and now she want to tell him to forget what he is doing and tries to make him do what she is doing….stop it ladies!

Men, make sure you have a vision before you invite a woman into your life. And women, if you meet a man with a vision, don’t create two vision in the house. Submit your vision to his vision.

If a woman comes to a man with her own vision and doesn’t submit to the man’s vision, you got division that will lead to divorce.

We got these ideas: what is mine is mine and what is yours is your…that is division. A woman is a helper not a destroyer!

The woman is a producer. When the man cultivate, you produce…

When a man gives you superm, you produce a child..

When a man gives you a home, you produce a beautiful house to live in..

When a man gives you groceries, you produce a meal…


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