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What You Must Avoid, If You Dont Want Broken Relationships/Marriages– Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

Relationship are great, they are fun but there is a timing for a relationship.

There is a time, when you are in a state of mind and in a frame of mind to be able to make a proper decision in relationships. When you rush into a relationship when you are too young, your priorities at that time are not very developed. Your sense of value not matured. From our little interview or investigations, most young people that are not properly paying bills, what determines an attractive guy to a young girl is how handsome the guy looks, how tall is he.. those are few of the things that will interest young girl. But if the girl is 29, the game has changed, she is not looking for just a fine boy, can he pay bills?

Is he responsible?

Does he have a job?

So if you choose when you are too young, you will end up choosing the wrong things. The things that tenage discuss is different from what matured people discuss….. is just a phase of life that you should not be making permanent decisions! The only decision you should be making at that stage should be your life purpose…

Marriage is like choosing one channel and you are asked to choose one to watch for the rest of your life, if you choose that channel when you are under 10years, you are most likely choose cartoon network but by the time you turn to a teenager, you will no longer be interested in cartoon network.

So when you choose a partner when you are not matured, by the time you are above 25years, you will begin to have more direction in your life, atthat time you are choosing something more relevant in your everyday life..

That is how it works!

If you choose too early, you are likely to choose wrong. Make sure you are not too young, make sure you are mature and ready to make such a strong decision. Statistics have shown that marry or enter a relationship, they usually don’t last. That the older you are when you start a relationship, the better the decision.

From my experience, when I’ve spoken to people that made that decision too early, by the time they are 5years, 7years down the line, they are thinking “I didn’t make the right decision” because their outlook on life has changed and they discovered they married from where they were, not where they are going….

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