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Six(6) points To Having A Peaceful Marital Home– Dr. Paul Enenche

1. You Must Give Yourself. 
You must give yourself, not a part of yourself but yourself. It is not 50/50, it is 100/100. 
Your wife is not looking for your money.. 
Not looking for your name.. 
Not looking for your fame.. 
Not looking for your property, but she is LOOKING FOR YOU.

Your husband is not looking for the name you have made in office.. 
Not looking for your resources, he is LOOKING FOR YOU.

Anytime you keep back, you go back maritally. When you keep back of your resources, personality, you will go back as marriage decision is concern. You must give the whole of you, there is nobody else that has a portion of you, you can love them, know people but your wife and husband deserve the whole of yourself.

2. Nobody Enters Your Life Perfect. 
It’s a man’s responsibility to present the kind of wife he wants to himself. It is a woman responsibility to present the kind of husband she wants to herself.

We mean that there is no partner that comes to your life perfect. When the person that is becoming your wife, enters your life, she would have spots, she would have wrinkles, she would have blemishes. It is your responsibility to erase these blemishes by working on each other to present to yourself what you desire. When you think you have a perfect person, you will end up in frustration. But when you bear it in your mind that nobody entering your life, is entering perfect(spotless, without wrinkles, without blemishes), then it will help you to begin to make the investment it takes to make the man what it is. And the man and woman should be open to each other. Never you say, “why are you finding fault in me”, is not a matter of finding fault, he wants to present you to himself the kind of person he wants. And the woman too has the right to tell the man the kind of things she wants out of the man’s life(not in arguments, not in quarrelling).

If in 5years time, this girl is headache to you, then it is your fault. If you have a husband that doesn’t want to listen to you, I would want you to handle it spiritually. Begin to gather scriptural materials and begin to prophesy it into his life and being to play some characters into that man’s life or your wife as the case may be and in a little time, they become the picture you want them to be. But never forget, nothing WORKS BY ITSELF, anything that works out must be worked out, what you don’t worked out will never work out

3. You Must Love Your Partner Like You Love Yourself. 
What you can’t imagine being said to you, don’t say it to your partner. Any behaviour that will offend you, the same will offend her. The kind of way you don’t want somebody to talk to you, don’t talk to your partner like that. The kind of way you want to be treated, treat your partner like that.

4. Love your partner as you love yourself.

5. You Must Nourish The Relationship. 
The word “nourish” means supply or sustain with food. Supply that relationship with love and affection, love is the food of marriage. A marriage that runs out of love, will run out of life. The affection must be consistent!

6. Cherish The Relationship.
To cherish means to “treasure”. Anything you mismanage, you loose. What you don’t value, you can’t keep. If you don’t value your husband, you will loose your husband. If you don’t value your wife, you will loose your wife. In a marriage relationship, you Cherish it.

Don’t take each other for granted, anything you take for granted, is ready to be grinded. Let the world respect your husband, let the world respect your wife. Cherish it and it will last long…

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