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Why God Put In The Woman A “Flesh Wall” Known As The Hymen || TD Jakes

TD Jakes: In God’s divine plan and order, all sexuality before marriage is Biblically forbidden. Where I come from, pastors did not teach abstinence from sex. God planned, ordained and intended sex.

Any sex that is not between a man and his wife, he is according to the scripture, “perverting”. The word perverting means deviation from the plan.

Contrary to the way most of you have been taught, God’s plan was not for men to have sex with women. 
It was not God’s plan for men to have sex with men. 
It was not God’s plan for women to have sex with women.(notice, I place them on the same page)

The only plan God ordained for sexuality was for man to have sex with his WIFE. Anytime you step outside that, you are perverting the plan because that’s the only Biblical plan. And when God looks at marriage, He looks at it from a perspective of covenant and sexuality consummate a covenant between us. Because in Biblical understandings, covenant are ratify with blood. A blood covenant is the strongest covenant known to man… It means I put my life on it.

So, God put in the woman a ‘flesh wall’ known as the HYMEN and when we break through it, we come into the Holy of Holies.

In so doing, He designed that the man, when he enters sexual relationship with a woman, that consummation of the marriage vow will release blood. The blood validate the sanctity of the marriage.(we have become one in flesh through the blood).

And if you understand this, this is a powerful truth which is a shadow of us becoming one with Christ through the blood.

The blood covenant is not just between me and my wife but between my wife and I and the Lord which is a three fold cord that can not easily be broken.

We have to start teaching what the principle is, to our children. The truth of the matter is that most of us have already messed all these up… It is never too late but it can be corrected.

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