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Dr Myles Munroe || Poverty Is Not The Lack Of Money

Myles Munroe: Be Fruitful. God will never demand what doesn’t exist already. Being fruitful does not mean to have children. The word fruitful means productive, that means “produce something”. Poverty is the absence of self production.

A woman came to Jesus to pour ointment over His body and the people complained, “sir, why do you let this woman waste this precious money on your body? It could have been given to the pour” and Jesus said something very important, “the poor, you will always have with you”.

The word “poor” doesn’t mean those who lack, it means non productive ones. Poverty is when you stop producing. God said to Adam “be fruitful”. 
God never gave Adam a chair or table, He hid them in the trees. 
God never gave man shoes, He hide them in the cows. 
God never built a building before, He hide them in the dirt.

The future of Australia is not in America or England, it is in Australia.

The capacity to produce is right here.

Poverty is a lack of creativity, not a lack of resources. No money has left the planet and it will be attracted to creativity. It is those who are productive that will attract resources.

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