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The Role Of The Man– Dr. Mrs. Becky Paul Enenche

1. The Husband Is The Head.
Biologically, the head is the thing that is above the body. The head contains all the major sense organs of the body. The man has the responsibility of direction .. You are to give the lead of the home, you are to see for your wife. When you leave a woman to control the house, you have left yourself to some level of unsteadiness. Because women are highly move by emotion.

The man is the head, he takes the lead, while the woman role is to assist in the decision making. She can make contributions, she can make suggestions. The man can work with those contributions, suggestions and digest them down and take the final decision.

2. The Man Is To Love His Wife. 
The primary assignment of a man in a home is LOVE. Your love for your wife should be to the extent of giving yourself for her if need be. You are to come to a point that you put her ahead in all your considerations. 
A man that truly loves his wife as Christ love the church, is a man that is committed to his wife. 
A man who truly loves his wife as Christ love the church, is a man that is allergic to the tears of his wife.

3. Bring Out The Best From Your Wife.
You don’t just make promises, you make commitment. It doesn’t matter how well a woman does in anything she does, at the end of the day, they will ask, “whose wife is she?”
You are in charge to bring out the best in your wife.. 
Help her to accomplish.. 
Help her to succeed.. 
Don’t trample her under your feet.. 
Don’t put her down… 
Let her shine… 
Let her be better than she was before she came to your house..

4. Sanctify And Cleanse. 
It is your responsibility to bring out the best in your wife, to make her be who you want her to be. Present her to yourself a church without spot and wrinkles. How you want her to be at the end of the day is your sole responsibility. If she’s talking anyhow, is your responsibility to tell her “no”, this is not how to say it, this is how to say it. If she want to behave contrary to the image you have, of how your wife should behave in public, is your responsibility to tell her, “this is how I expect you to behave”. Husbands don’t complain about what you permit.

5. The Highest Level Of Responsibility Of The Home Lies On The Man. 
You should be the highest spiritual authority. You should hold the highest spiritual responsibility. It should be your assignment to search the word, to dig into the word, get the revelation and feed it to your wife and subsequently, it gets to your children either through your wife or through you. It is your responsibility to stand in the place of prayer for your wife and children and your home is your primary assignment.

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