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Be careful Of These Things Before Going Into Marriage Pastor E.A Adeboye

1. Don’t Marry A Man Who Has No Job.
Before God gave Adam, Eve… He gave him a job. He said, this is the garden, keep it. So, those who come to you and say, “sister, thus sayeth the Lord, you are going to be the star of my firmament”. Alright sir! Before I become the Star in your firmament, what is your Job? If he hasn’t gotten steady income, he hasn’t gotten a job….. Don’t marry him! He should go and get a job first. Man is to provide for the house, not the other way round. If he has no income, he should not marry. Those who would not work, should not eat and if they can’t eat, they can’t even get married.

As for the boys,

Don’t marry Delilah. Cause Delilah can stop samson… What does that mean? Don’t marry for beauty sake. The Bible is clear… Proverb 31:30. She’s going to grow old because everybody grows old.

2. Don’t Ever Marry Outside The Church.
It is better to be single than to be married to the devil. Don’t ever think that you can marry somebody and then change the fellow. If the fellow does not change before you marry… It is a settled matter! 
You see that brother..tall, lanky, handsome, rich and you jump for him…
Goliath was tall, he lost his head. 
King Saul was lanky, he lost his crown.

3. Don’t Marry A Fool! 
His externals doesn’t matter.
His wealth is of no account. 
If he is not a true child of God, don’t be associated with him. And if somebody pretends to be a Christian, he is following you to church because he is thinking that he could get you… All you need to do is watch!
The Bible says by their fruit, you shall know them, not by their talk. The parents of Samson told him, “are there no women of your own people, for you to go outside this fold, to go and bring this girl from somewhere else?”

4. Don’t Marry A Girl Simply Because She Can Sing. 
Singing is wonderful, God loves worshippers but the devil used to be the choir master in heaven. But in some choir, there are some fallen Angels… They can sing like nobody’s business but they are equally yoked with the devil.

5. Don’t Marry A Girl Who Is Lazy. 
You pay her family a surprise visit and you see the way she is. If she’s lazy when she is a girl, how is she going to cope when she is married and have children.

6. Don’t Marry A Girl Who Can Not Cook. 
A girl who can not cook can not be a good wife.

7. Don’t Marry A Girl Who Is Worldly.
A girl who will not dress right.
A girl who is always after jewelry.
If you do, you have gotten something, you will worship for the rest of your life. Col 3:1-3

I’m believing God that when you marry, you will marry the right person.

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