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Stop Living A Wasteful Life || Apostle Johnson Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman: Anything you are doing, be committed to it. Your handwork can turn your life around. The problem some of us have, is that when we put together the money that has entered our hand, we would be shocked. Because we buy useless things. You are changing phone to phone and yet the phone company has not made you a brand ambassador.

When you can buy a land and you are changing phone to phone. See, how much you have spent on excesses!

You buy the latest hair.. 
You buy jewelries and yet there is no land to your name.

Before you recover from one phone, another is out.

There is Iphone11 now and you are planning to buy again and you have nothing to your name…. It is a wasteful life!

If you check the amount that have entered your hand in the last 2years, God hand has been faithful but you are not conscious of saving.

There are many people receiving calls with our building in their hand(phone) and some are not ready to learn any work. If you see some youth, they are believing God(i will make it, I want to travel out). Learn something, even if you go abroad, it is your handwork that will put food on your table.

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