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It doesn’t matter how you were born, it matters how you live the rest of your life. 

It doesn’t matter how you were brought up by somebody else, now that you have arrived, What changes would you make?

You are responsible for what you are today. With what you are, you will have. Don’t work on having anything, work on being something.

Invest in your personality and you can impact the world with the investment of your personality. That is success..Impacting the world, not just walking through the world.

You make an investment in yourself not in things. Success is in you, it is not measured by the things you have or you don’t have. Success is measured by your way of thinking process, it is measured by the ideas you have and by the things you do. How do you make that important? Yes, by listening to the right things, by reading the right books, by opening your mind and think.
You think differently. Alot of people who say well, I Can’t afford such a thing….

No! You don’t think like that. Because when you say you can’t afford it, what you have done is to resign to failure and your mind goes to sleep. Don’t say I can not afford it. You ask how can I afford it?

Think big..

There is no punishment for thinking big, there is no law against thinking big, there is no commandment against thinking big, God is not against thinking big. God is only against you thinking against so and so, you should not think about being bigger than others, you should think being bigger without comparing yourself with another.

He says the part of the righteous is like the shinning light, it shines brighter and brighter to the perfect day.

Not success for a time..

You don’t want your life to be used to X ‘used to be rich’ ‘used to be successful’ ‘I was’. What about today?

I am setting a fire ablaze in your spirit, I am inspiring you with something, am challenging you to a cause, am letting you know there is something to fight for.

There is a greater life than receiving something from somebody else, there is a greater life than asking for help. Become a helper instead of reaching for help, become a lifter.. Are you going to be a helper or one reaching out for asking forgiveness for your debt?

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