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There is a season for every young lady. Have you ever experience that there is no woman in her 20’s that will ever tell you men are not coming?

No matter how ugly a woman is in her 20’s, men will look for her to marry. She is the one that will be saying ‘I don’t like them’. Every woman in her
20’s, suitors comes from left and right because that time is a wonderful season for a woman.

Every wise woman selects husband in her 20’s. That they are coming doesn’t mean they will keep coming like that everyday.

At 20’s, you are in your prime, you are ripe, you are flowered, you are fertile.

So the men keep coming, they look at you and say ‘I want to marry you’. You lady shouldn’t behave like peacock saying to yourself or to others that ”the way am beautiful, men is just running after me”. When you clock 34, the number of men coming to your way reduces.

Because at 34, the men that want to marry you have reduced because men at 34 is also married. The number of men coming your way begin to drop. At that time, prayer point has started.

They will start meeting pastors saying ‘pastor all I need is husband’. Even if she reduces her age, it will still show. You can’t dye every other place, even if you dye the hair.

Wisdom demands in your 20’s at your prime, you should get a husband. That they are saying you are fine, does not mean you will remain like that.

Glorified relationship is not equal to one day relationship. That you are getting money, buying everything is not wisdom. Settle down and marry..


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