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TD Jakes: The enemy is terrified of people that have been sanctified.

He is terrified. He will set traps and obstacles and bondages to keep you from entering into your purpose because he is terrified of you.

Don’t waste time being terrified of him, he is terrified of you. The greater the struggle you face, the greater the challenges you go through, the greater the turmoil on your life is all an indication that Satan has assigned assassins to terminate you from reaching your designated target.

He will do anything to overwhelm you, belittle you, to ripe you off your confidence, your self esteem. He doesn’t mind how much you shout and how much you dance as long as you don’t have any confidence, any faith or any integrity.

He wants to rip you off until you become impotent and so impoverished in your spirit that you are anĀ  empty building of ghost town, of vacant house, your light’s are on, nobody is at home.
He doesn’t care how many days you live, as long as you don’t live in the days that you have.

The enemy come to kill, to steal and to destroy. He want to sabotage your success because you were created to win, carved to win, set aside to win, formed to win.
You were meant to be a successful vessel of honor, that you might be for the Master’s use.

You were not made to fail, you were not made to die, you were not made to quit, you were not made to collapse. You were made to live.

Doctors still can’t figure out why the human body dies. Because the body was meant to rebuild itself, refurbish itself, restrengthen itself.

You were not made to faint, you were not made to collapse, you were not made to have a nervous breakdown, a stress attack, a migraine headache, break out in nervous conditions and rashes and all types of diseases and hypertension and stress attacks and heart attacks and nervous breakdown.

You were not made to loose control. You were not made to be a failure, to be destitute, to be lonely, to be hungry, to be isolated. You were meant to be the head and not the tail, above only and not beneath. You were meant to prosper and live in good health. You are children of the king, the heavenly host, the God of Israel dwells in the midst of you.

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